Today’s Thought – What Will Life Throw at You?


Everyday you experience something new, sometimes that new thing is good and sometimes it’s not. Maybe you can relate life to these cars a bit?

Funny thoughtEverything is AWESOME!

Sometimes everything in life feels amazing! You are this unstoppable red Hummer that hurdles through the air, knocks through a few trees on your way, and yet still manages to park perfectly in the only available parking spot.  These days are the most amazing and no one can slow you down! Watch out world! Here I come!


2sWhy did I get out of bed….

Unfortunately, some days you are the little white car that just lost the only parking space in the whole lot to some guy who plowed his way through. These are days you just want to go home and take a nap, and who can blame you? I mean, did you see that hummer? Who wants to compete with THAT!

What matters is how you handle it!

That Hummer may have just taken your spot but are you going to sit and complain about it or are you going to admit that what he did was actually pretty cool? You will always find another parking space but will you ever see something so amazing again? Put a smile on your face and think about the cool story you will have to share with you friends later on. So stick your head out your window and give that Hummer some props for doing something absolutely amazing!



Meet everyday with a smile and a laugh, even when something bad happens to you make sure that you find something that will make you happy. Get back on the right track and spend the rest of your day in a good mood. Remember, if you walk the path of life with a frown the world will frown back at you.

Has life ever thrown you a curveball? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comment section below!

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