Top 10: Best Comfort Food

Here is our Top 10: Best Comfort Food

Food glorious food. I think we all at certain times in our life need to indulge our-self by eating our comfort foods. You might of had a bad day, just experienced a loss in your life, fought with a loved one or went through one of the many things life just seems to be waiting to throw at you. When this happens, I turn to my wonderful comfort foods. Sometimes I eat just a little and other times I tend to take it a little far but that’s okay, I’m only human and can’t be perfect all the time. So here is a list of my Top 10 Best Comfort Food that you may like too. We’d love to know what your favorite comfort foods are and what drives you towards them.


10. Biscuits and Gravy


When using them as a comfort food I typically eat 3 biscuits smothered in gravy.

9. Pizza


You’d better get your own because I have been know to eat a large solo.


8. Shepherds Pie

easy shepards pie

Shepherds Pie is one of my favorites because it seems like almost everybody grew up with their own version of this dish and the funny thing is that everybody will argue that the one they grew up on is the best. I still argue that if I try yours then you have to try mine and the only reason I do that is to try and prove that mine is better. I’m a sick person.


7. Chocolate Cake with a Glass of Milk


I can plow through quite a bit of chocolate cake when using it for comfort food but only if I have a glass of milk to drink with it otherwise I won’t even bother. Surprisingly I have found that fancy looking cakes always seem to taste like poo but when they look just terrible they’re always amazing. Funny how life lies to you huh.


6. Bacon Mushroom Swiss Burger


Bacon Mushroom Swiss Burger

Two please and a coke to wash it down. Okay just two, stop at two, two is plenty…. then I start thinking about a third and that’s when all the voices I my head start acting up…. Okay just don’t think about it walk away and don’t think about it, why are you still thinking about it, oh lord why do I do this to myself you know your gonna feel like crap after the third one… but it will tastes so good going down, dear god show some self-control, I deserve this, your fat… shut up… sigh.



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5. French Silk Pie with a Cup of Coffee


So French Silk Pie is like the opposite of cake because when these pies tend to look crappy then they usually are but on the other hand if you’ve found an amazing looking French Silk then my friend please save or bring me a couple pieces because that’s what good friends do for each-other and you are a good friend aren’t you? Yes I will absolutely guilt you for pie. Recommend having with a GOOD cup of coffee not a cup of crap.


4. Brownies with a Glass of Milk


When it comes to brownies I am very picky. For me they can’t be to cakey but they can’t be to fudgey either. I asked for brownies, not a cake and not pieces of fudge. Also, don’t go fudging up my brownies with crap that nobody was ever supposed to put in them like nuts or fruit, people that do these things are just terrible people and that’s why I cry at night. But the worst of them all are those people that tell you that something is a brownie, have you try a bite thinking in your mind that it is a brownie and then while your trying to figure out why this brownie seems to suck and what they did wrong they tell you… It’s made with black beans and why do they always have a stupid smile when doing so. Please don’t ever do this, nobody likes that person so don’t be that person.


3. Chipotle

Chipotle burrito

I have never met a person who has ever said to me that they don’t like Chipotle and if somebody ever did, I would probably be deeply offended like you just insulted my ancestors. When I go here for my comfort food I get a big’ol burrito, no not a burrito bowl which never should’ve became a thing, a set of crunchy tacos and a side of chips and guacamole. Hopefully you’re not one of those people who don’t like guacamole because Chipotle’s guacamole is amazing and you have to try it.


2. French Fries Smothered in Brown Gravy and Cheese

savory comfort food

First off, I have been eating this for years before I even knew it was a dish called poutine, I honestly thought I had invented something and I was so proud of myself. However it still isn’t very popular or well known yet and when people see me eating it I tend to get one of two reactions. Reaction one, the person clearly seems to be appalled for one reason or another as if I’m devouring my first born or reaction two and that is the person has been secretly eating this for years. Reaction one is always the best though, I will never forget just how offended and embarrassed my ex was with me eating this. She was like, ew I can’t believe your eating that, you took fattening french fries and covered them with fattening gravy and topped it off with even more fat, ew and I was like yeah is delicious here put some in your mouth. Just so everyone knows we were at an all you can eat buffet and I should be able to go to one of those places and eat however the heck I want.


1. Monster Cookies with a Glass of Milk

Best Comfort Foodmilk for cookies

Monster cookies are by far the best comfort food. I will admit that I lose all self control when these things come around and no its not funny and yes it is sad. I was in a small casual social setting where people come and make small talk and possibly play some board games. There I was pretending like I was a normal person as I usually do and then the monster cookies appeared, all of a sudden I turn into a cookie fiend, taking one here and one there, quietly sneaking off with them, making countless trips to my jackets inner pockets. Then on the way home I start to feel ashamed realizing that I really have just robbed one of my friends out of their cookies.


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