Jack O Lantern Designs That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous!

Use These Amazing Jack O Lantern Designs to make your Halloween unforgettable!


About the artist

pictureMike Reed
Each Halloween season, Mike creates and shares his personal jack o lantern designs with the world. He searches Google Images and elsewhere for the coolest images he can find, and then painstakingly redraws them as a pumpkin pattern.

He has to keep in mind that all parts must connect, as no part can simply float in the pattern, they must all connect somewhere. Every piece must be supported by enough pumpkin not to break.

Try making some jack o lantern designs sometime and you’ll find that it is a lot harder than you think. It typically takes most of a day, or even a couple of days, to make a single pattern and refine it to the point that it is ready for use.


Click on any jack o lantern design to download that printable pattern. 


Chen Stormstout

Pumpkin Pattern



Out Of Darkness

Pumpkin Pattern


Worgen (Werewolf)
Jack O Lantern Designs



Dragon Head

Jack O Lantern Designs



Flaming Skull



Twilight Sparkle

Jack O Lantern Designs






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