How to Tell if He Likes You

how to tell if he likes you

You like him but you need to know how to tell if he likes you too!

how to tell if he likes youIn today’s society it has become more and more frightening to open yourself up to another person and allow them to see your vulnerable side. With social media taking over our lives we have learned to only share things about ourselves that others would approve of, this changes the way we interact with each other face to face as well. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what he’s thinking, here is how to tell if he likes you –

1. He looks at you

When a man is interested he can’t keep his eyes away, many women take this as a sign of friendliness rather than interest but if he keeps doing it you can bet that he is at least a little interested. He may not be 100% sure of his own feelings and only looks when he thinks you will not notice.

2. When he looks at you, he smiles

If he smiles nearly every time he looks at you then you defiantly have his interest, just looking at you makes him happy! If he is looking at your boobs or butt then he is physically attracted while looking at your face or eyes is a sign of personality attraction.

3. He likes saying your name

Whether he is talking with you or a group of his friends he is more likely to refer to you by name rather than saying she, her, they, etc… When they say your name out loud it makes their brain picture you while they talk and that makes them feel good. Don’t expect them to always say your name however, just take notice if they say it more than normal.

4. Does he initiate conversation?how to tell if he likes you

Does he go out of his way to try to talk with you? If your conversation hits a dead end does he try to start a new topic so that you can keep talking? These are great signs that he is interested because he is fighting for your attention. He wants to keep you engaged so that you don’t lose interest in him and go do something else.

5. Does he remember details?

Is he good at recalling the details of your conversations? When a man remembers these details later on it means they were fully engaged in your earlier conversation and that you had 100% of his attention. People are easily distracted so it is fair to say that if you have 100% of his attention and his mind doesn’t wander during conversation that he is interested in you.

6. Does he tell you more than you asked?

If you ask him a question about his favorite food is he likely to say, “Lasagna” and that’s it? Or would he elaborate and tell you that hes always loved lasagna because his grandma used to make it every time he went to visit? When people give more information than is necessary that means they are fully engaged and enthusiastic about the person they are talking to. His interest in you may depend on his normal attitude… If he is naturally talkative then this may not indicate interest but rather its just a part of his personality. On the other hand, if he is typically more quiet and reserved and freely gives you this information then he is most likely very interested.

7. He puts his phone away


how to tell if he likes youNothing says, “You have my attention.” like putting away your phone. If you notice that his phone goes off but he ignores it so that he can focus on you that means you are more important to him than whoever is currently trying to reach him.

8. Does he defend you?

If someone is upsetting you will he try to defend you? Does he place himself between you and the person bothering you? If so, great! Men instinctively put themselves between danger and those who are important. There may not be any physical danger but he still feels the need to protect you from the person who is upsetting you. If there is physical danger, that means he would rather take the risk of pain over letting you possibly get hurt.

how to tell if he likes you9. He touches you

If he brushes up against you, touches your shoulder to get your attention, or is standing close enough that you touch then he wants that physical contact with you, he is very interested! Touch is a very intimate thing that helps him feel closer to you physically and mentally.

10. He copies you

Coping someone or mirroring them is a way of bonding and synchronizing with them. says that “Mirroring body language is a non-verbal way to say ‘I am like you, I feel the same”. You may even find  yourself coping some of his habits as well!

11. He trusts you

Is he willing to tell you things that he wouldn’t tell anyone else? Does he trust you with his secrets that make him feel vulnerable? If so, he likes and values you. This goes deeper than any physical attraction, he will only share intimate details with those he feels a close connection with.

12. He forgives you

When you upset him and he is willing to forgive you rather than hold a grudge that means your relationship with him is more important than his pride. You shouldn’t test his forgiveness though, even if you feel insecure about how he feels about you there is no reason to upset him on purpose to see what his reaction is, you may find that he starts forgiving you to tell if he likes you

13. He tells you

This is by far the most straightforward way how to tell if he likes you. He isn’t going to put himself in the spotlight and possibly set himself up for rejection if he doesn’t like you. While this is the most blunt method for him to express his interest in you it is also the hardest for him. If he doesn’t know your intention towards him then he is much more likely to test the water with the previous methods before actually admitting it.

Do you have a different method how to tell if he likes you? Tell us in the comments section below!

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