How to Make More Money

So you’re looking to put a few extra dollars in your pocket every month? Who isn’t! The most important thing for you to remember is… there is money everywhere! You just have to know how to find it! An inspiring book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” does an amazing job on explaining that money is like a river, if you stand on the side and cast your fishing pole into the water from a safe distance then you will get some fish, but, If you walk into the middle of the water and cast a large net then you will have a bounty of fish!

Money works just like that! If you follow the same trend as everyone else and never venture into something more profitable then you will make as much money as those who do the same as you. If you are willing to take a risk, even if that risk is just your time and a small amount of start up capital, then you have much better opportunities than most everyone around you!

You will hear from people that in order to make a lot of money you will need a new, fresh, and unique idea that no one has ever had before and find a way to build and sell that idea. That’s wrong! While a new idea is a wonderful way to make money it is certainly NOT the only way! You don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a new company, you can simply spend some minor startup capital and invest your time.

Lets explore some relatively simple ideas on how to make more money!

Ask for a raise

If you’ve been working at the same company for a decent amount of time, or you know that they would have a hard time replacing you if you quit then ask them to compensate you more for your time! This is the most straight forward means to increase your take home pay but you may not receive it. Your employer could always say no. I only bring this up as the first in my list because it would make the most immediate difference in how much money you make without any actual change to your current daily routine.

Find a new job

This goes hand in hand with asking for a raise. If you have another job lined up with an employer who would like to hire you then you have greater negotiating power with your current employer when asking for a raise. The best part? If they say no then you thank them for their time and give them your 2 week notice because you’ve already set up another better paying job to move to. This could further your career and show you how to make more money.

Start a Blog22

This is not a path to make a lot of money quickly but if you are willing to work on having good SEO and plenty of information on your website then a blog can be a wonderful way to increase your monthly income. Most people don’t see decent results for 6-12 months but the people who work hard to add useful content daily have found success in as little as 30 days.


Do you know something useful? If you’ve taken any college courses in Math, Science, or Writing then you may be perfect for tutoring someone who is still learning those topics. Tutors earn an average of $16 per hour but because it can be difficult to find enough people to tutor to make this a full time job you are more likely to do tutoring on the side.


Have you ever thought of yourself as creative? is an excellent place to earn some extra cash if you enjoy making hand made items. An account is easy to set up and Etsy takes a relatively small fee.

Be a driver

Ever heard of Uber or Lyft? Both of these websites act as the middleman for a nationwide taxi service. Once you set yourself up as a driver Uber or Lyft will let you know of people in your area who need to be taken somewhere and they will pay you for doing so!

How to make more moneyWalk some Dogs

Many dog owners love their canine companion but either don’t have the energy or time to give them any proper walks. If you are an animal person who likes to walk this could be a perfect money making opportunity for you. It is simple to start, you can post signs around your area, talk to neighbors that have dogs, or find people on websites that specialize in helping dog walkers get started such as Petsitter


If you find that you have extra time in your schedule and you like kids then you could earn a lot from babysitting kids. Parents will pay around $20/hour to have someone trustworthy watch their children. Some parents may want you to go to their home and some might want to drop the kids off at yours so you need to be ready for either of those. There are many websites that can help you find clients such as but be careful who you give your information to, there are lots of scammers who try to use these websites to trick people.

Yard maintenance

21Depending on the season you can do a variety of jobs. In the summer offer to keep your neighbors yard mowed for money, in the fall find people who need their leaves raked, and in the winter offer snow removal. Especially when it comes to snow removal you will be surprised at how eager people can be to pay someone else to do the job so that they do not have to! If you invest in a snowblower before winter you’ll be amazed at how much money you can make in one day after a heavy snow.


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