Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

What is Blizzard doing?

A week ago we were teased with this video and a cryptic message from PlayHearthstone.

Tavern Brawl






A few days later Tavern Brawl is reveled

Blizzard announced that they are adding a new feature to Hearthstone called Tavern brawl.

“Tavern brawl mode will pit players against each other using special challenges, new rulesets or custom decks. Sometimes a tavern brawl will force players to use a specific preset deck, while other times it will task players with putting together a new deck based on unusual guidelines.

There will be a new tavern brawl offered every week, but the events will only run Wednesday through Sunday. Players will not be able to select the mode on Mondays and Tuesdays, while the next event is being spun up.”

It will be interesting to see a changes in play styles that this will undoubtedly bring and I look forward to facing a new challenge each week. I’m not sure why they’ve decided to keep these Tavern Brawls to 5 days a week, perhaps they plan on picking the top players from Wednesday-Sunday to compete during Monday and Tuesday and determine a weekly Tavern Brawl winner.

Update 2.7 will bring Tavern Brawls and other features, this will be released mid June.

Other 2.7 Updates

New hero characters will be available. Blizzard has stated that they will add no changes to gameplay such as a different hero power or different cards but rather they are a fun way to customize yourself. These characters have to be purchased with money, $10.00 each.

Blizzard is also adding new customization to how we choose our card backs. Each of our decks can have a specified card back assigned to it.

Unfortunately, it still appears that blizzard is not giving us any extra room for more decks. Many players currently dismantle their decks frequently in order to try something new.


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