Fav 5 Ways on How to Love Yourself


Here is our Fav 5 Ways on How to Love Yourself


How to love yourself - Expressive writing

5. Writing

Get a note book and start filling up its pages with everything about you. Write down how your life was in the past, how your life is in the present and write down how you see your future or how you’d like to see it. Tell your story. Make up stories about anything and express yourself by creating a fictional reality and incorporate things you have gone through or are going through, how do these characters handle it? Write about how you see the world or how you’d like to see the world, its all up to you. Write down your strengths, values, weaknesses and your dreams. Write about your feelings towards the people that are in your life and if you want, make up stories about that too and go on adventures with them. Get it out, get all of it out there, out of your mind and onto paper and it doesn’t matter if its good, bad or ugly.



4. Meditation

Find a private, calm and relaxing place to you can go to for awhile and practice meditation. In this environment allow yourself to sit, feel, reflect, accept, forgive, let go and much more. There are numerous ways in which you can explore different ways to meditate. One of my favorite ways is called guided meditation, where you follow the instructions of the person that is leading the meditation. This can be hard at first and does take time to get used to, like all things, it is a training process and can become a valuable learned skill. For beginners I recommend connecting with a person who already practices meditation to help assist you in ways to start practicing. However, you can also find instructional books on how to begin and many resources online.


How to love yourself - Being kind

3. Acts of Kindness

Regularly practice going out of your way and doing something kind for another person. When we give good things we tend to get good things in return. You can buy or make a gift for your neighbor, write pick me up messages and leave them where they will be found and seen, feed someone that’s hungry, hold the door open, let that other driver merge or anything you can think of that allows you to give some of your goodness to another person and the best part is that you can be as creative as you want.



2. Reward Yourself

This is an awesome way to feel good. Finding ways that you can reward yourself throughout the day is a healthy habit to practice in life. So find out what your thing or things are that make you feel good. Some common ideas to get you thinking about how you might like to reward yourself are – You might be a gamer and just need to veg out for a while,  maybe for you its shopping and buying that item you’ve been wanting for a while, or could some really good food be just the thing you need? Is it possible that your reward to yourself could be just goofing off with some friends? Find out rewards make you feel good about yourself.


How to love yourself - good enough

1. Say No to Being Perfect

Perfection is a one of the most harmful mindsets we can put ourselves in. The problem is that once you believe that you can or have to be perfect at something, you are setting an unattainable standard or goal for yourself that can never be achieved. Why? Because perfection means that something has reached the point that can no longer be improved upon in any way. I have never come across such a thing in my entire life. When we tell ourselves that we can or have to be perfect in some manner, we will always fail at some point and realize that we are not. What happens then, once we have failed at this perfectionist mindset that has been placed upon us, is that we begin to mentally, sometimes physically, beat ourselves up about it, telling ourselves that we are not good enough or worse. The truth is that we are not and will never be perfect and that’s okay and we are good enough just the way we are.

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