Fav 5 In Kansas City

Here is our Fav 5 things to do in Kansas City


5. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is a calm quiet place where you can come and experience their vast art collection for free. Their art collection includes pieces from all over the world and spans nearly 5,000 years of humanity. If you enjoy art then you’ll love it. Be sure to check out their web site to see if you’d be interested in any of the special events that are coming up. Not one that likes to wonder around aimlessly? Then catch one of their free guided tours. One of my favorite reasons to visit is just to enjoy the unique landscape out in front of the museum, so be sure to walk around a bit and take it in.





4. Worlds of Fun

Kansas Cities Worlds of Fun is a great place to go if your lacking excitement and looking to have a bit of fun. Cost of admission is about $60.00 per adult ticket ages 3-61 and $40.00 for all others at the gate but you can find tickets online for less and with the savings maybe you can upgrade your ticket to the fast lane an bypass the regular lines. Be sure to bring some extra cash for food, games, photos, ect. This a a fun place to visit during their Halloween Haunt event which begins mid September. There are few things in life as fun as riding an roller coaster, so go and have a blast.





3. The Plaza

The Country Club Plaza is all about shopping, well mostly about shopping but is also about eating, drinking, unique art and architecture and more shopping. This is a lovely place to visit any time of the year but is particularly nice to be there during the lighting event which takes place each year on Thanks Giving, it is truly magical. There is always an event going on at the plaza so be sure to check out their web site to see whats coming up that you might like to go to.





2. Crown Center

The Crown Center is a must on our Fav 5, offering a variety of things to do. Do you like to shop? Then we got you covered with very unique stores. Hungry? Then pick any one of the amazing restaurants offered. There is so much more to do here then to just eat and shop, like ice skating between November and March, Sea Life Aquarium, Lego-Land Discovery Center and much more. Be sure to check out their web site because there is always an event going on here.




37849-powerandlight-03-13701. Power and Light District

The Kansas City Power an Light District is the place where the people come to get their drink on. This is probably the best place to visit which is why it made our number 1 on our Fav 5. Look there’s a bar and look there its another bar and another and another and well you get the point. This is the best possible place for drunkin bar hopping by far because when you get bored at one place then you literally have to walk like only ten feet to get to another. Plus there is more then just drinking to do here, there is shopping at stores offering the very latest trends and there is always good food right around the corner. So come check it out and be sure to check out their web site for all the events going on here like live music and televised sporting events.

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