14 Cleaning Tips to Clean Your House Fast!

Are you thrilled when it’s time to clean your house? I bet the answer is no! Use these 14 life-hacks to clean your house fast and keep it that way!

1. Repel dust with dryer sheet


The static electricity from the dryer sheet protects your surfaces from collecting more dust!


2. Use a pillow case on  your fan


If you use a pillow case to clean your fan then you don’t have to worry about the inevitable rain of dust falling onto your floors, just wash the pillow case when you are finished.


3. Use chalk on oily finger prints


Do you have fingerprint stains on your wall? Have no fear! Chalk is here! Just rub some chalk on the stains and wipe it back of with a dry cloth.


4. Air vent cleaner

clean air vents

Cleaning utensils don’t always fit in air vents so you should cover a butter knife with a damp cloth and push it between the grates.


5. Squeegee pet hair

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It looks a bit gross but you can drag a squeegee across short carpet or fabric and it will collect pet hair that the vacuum missed.


6. Dry your shoes


If you walked in the rain or stepped in a puddle and need to dry your shoes quickly, try stuffing them with newspaper. It will absorb the water out of your shoes and dry them quickly!


7. Grill cleaner


Once you’ve used your grill just unplug it and put a damp towel in there. Close the lid and the steam will clean most of the grime, anything else will be wiped clean when you pull the rag out.


8. Use vinegar on your shower head


Fill a plastic bag with some distilled white vinegar and tie it onto your shower head so that it is submerged. Leave it alone for a night and wash away the vinegar and grime in the morning. Enjoy your new sparkling shower head!


9. Fix burnt pans


Can’t scrub off those burn marks? Just fill your burnt pan with a little water and add a cup of white vinegar. Warm that up on your stove then take it off the heat and add about 2 tablespoons of baking soda. The scorched food will scrub off much easier now!


10. Clean your blender


You’d think this would be common sense but many people never stop to think about it. All you have to do is fill your blender with some soapy water and turn it on! I wish all my other appliances would clean themselves like that!


11. Sanitize your sponge


If you microwave your sponge you will kill 99% of the germs. Now you wont be wiping old germs onto new areas while you clean your house.


12. Clean your microwave


Take a glass container and put some water and cut up lemons inside it. Put it in the microwave until you see it start to boil, then take it out and easily wipe down any mess inside!


13. Ammonia oven cleaner


Fill a bowl with 1/2 cup of ammonia and leave it in your oven overnight. Do not turn the oven on! The ammonia will help loosen the particles stuck to the walls and will make them easy to wipe away the next day!


14. Sanitize your mattress with Vodka

We sleep in our mattress every night and eventually bacteria and germs start to grow there. If you fill a water bottle up with some Vodka and lightly mist the top layer of your mattress then you will kill the majority of the odor producing bacteria. Don’t coat your bed in Vodka, it will take forever to dry.



what personal tricks to you use to clean your house? tell us in the comments section below!


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