13 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog Now!

Blog for BusinessWhen you have a question what is the very first thing you do? You Google it! What if you want to know more about an event or company? Same thing! Google it! So why does any reasonable business owner willingly keep themselves from being highly accessible by Google? Usually its because they just don’t know any better, they focus on some aspects of business but they are blind to others. Every sensible business owner should not only have a website but also a frequently updated blog to go with it!

Does your business have a blog? If not, here’s why you should!

1. Its easy!

Even for the least technical savvy owners out there blogging is very simple. Keeping your blog up to date isn’t much harder than updating a Word document. Your website’s theme will do most of the hard work while you focus on adding content so don’t allow yourself to be intimidated just because you think you will have to know HTML programming if you want to be successful, it’s just not true!

2. Very low cost

If you start your blog or website with Bluehost.com then it only costs $3.95 per month to run, that’s probably less than a morning coffee. You can run your blog with WordPress and they have many free themes that you can pick from and even more if you are willing to pay for a premium theme.

3. Connect with cusotmers

Remember how much we use Google? Your customers or clients want to be able to look you up. If they find a blog for your business then they will feel a more personal connection to you and your business than if they land on an average website. If you make your blog posts entertaining you may even find that people return or subscribe to your blog so that they can keep up with your posts.

4. New clients

New clientsIf you’ve had your business blog for a while and some good quality posts you will see people coming to you from search engines who would have otherwise never known you existed. The way it works is that Google (Bing, Yahoo, etc…) looks at a website and determines if their content is helpful, how long the site has existed, how interactive the user is with the site, how simple it is to navigate, and may other things. They then use this information to rank your website within their search results. If you rank high you will find thousands of new people flocking to your blog. This reason alone should be enough reason to start your blog NOW! Even if you don’t post frequently in the beginning you will have started aging your website, Google doesn’t like including new websites to their search results.

5. Establish authority

No matter what your business is, you need people to know that you are well educated in your field. If you sell flowers, people want to know that you are knowledgeable about each flower you sell. If you sell Real Estate, people want to know that you are knowledgeable about the current market trends and any upcoming foreseeable changes. Once people can see that you are well educated in your business they will start to trust you and your judgement, they will be much more comfortable working with someone who is obviously experienced. Even if you’ve only just started your business you can look more educated than someone who’s been doing it for 10 years.

6. It makes you smarter

No matter how much you know about your business, you WILL learn more once you start blogging about it. You’ll find that you start looking at yourself and your business differently when you’ve had to write about it. You also will probably want to do a little research on some of your posts to make sure you are giving correct information, this will cause you to learn new things about your trade and solidify the information in you brain. When someone asks you a question about your business you will blow them away with how much you know off the top of your head, it wont even be difficult if you’ve recently written a post about it!

7. Momentum

When you are excited about your business and share that excitement with others you will make them excited! When they are excited they will leave comments or even like/share your posts with their friends and family who then become excited and visit your blog. Now that you have more people viewing your content you will become even more excited and want to share even more! Your viewers will be excited and so on and so fourth. This is called the snowball effect because your small blog will grow and grow and grow until it has become massive! People will flock to you and you will share with them, this is the perfect relationship because everyone wins!

8. Social media likes/shares

Like itNow that you have excited viewers you will also receive the gift of FREE ADVERTISING! What could be better than that? Every time a person likes or shares your content on their social media they are saying, “I really like and trust this person and their information! I want you to look at it too!” This is the elusive ‘word of mouth’ marketing that is the most powerful and profitable because it costs you nothing and cause people to begin trusting you.

9. More productive

What could be a better motivator to release great content than knowing thousands of people are looking forward to it? You know you’ll receive comments, you know you’ll have likes and shares, and you know that people genuinely enjoy what you’re giving them. I believe that this creates true happiness in any blog writer… Just knowing that people value what you have to say is very self affirming and motivating. People love you and you love them.

10. Email list

You have thousands of people who have subscribed to you because they want to know when you post something new. Did you know that your blog will keep track of every email address that signs up? Now you have an email list full of people who like and trust you, this email list is possibly the most valuable asset your business will have. If you are running a sale on your product or service you can send it out to your list. A few things will happen; you will have made your subscribers happy by giving them an item of value (maybe a coupon?), your sales will increase as people use their coupon or participate in your sale, and you’ll receive more word of mouth advertising when people receive their product or service and tell their friends and family about it.

Also, if you ever decide to make an e-book you can inform your subscribers about its release via email and watch your sales skyrocket. Many owners of stores, websites, and blogs and known for doing this and making a lot of money from it while keeping everyone happy.

11. Create opportunities

Now you have your followers, a well rounded email list, some great shared content, and more business than ever before but what about the opportunists you haven’t thought of yet? Obviously I can’t predict what these will be for you but you will have opened the doors of opportunity all around yourself and you will find things happening that were unexpected! Perhaps a large company may notice you and try to sponsor you, a competitor may notice your success and try to sell their business to you, or perhaps an investor will notice your success and ask to buy your business from you! Who knows! Just remember that these unique opportunities don’t occur if no one knows you exist.

12. Measure success

Have you ever sent out flyers promoting your business or tried other advertisement? Have you ever tried two at once and then not known which source sent you the client/customer? Luckily, this is not a problem once you promote with a blog because you can use Google Analytics to track everything that happens to your site and how the users interact. You can see how long a person is on your site, how many pages they looked at while they were there, what those pages were, what page they were on when they lost interest and so much more! You can also track where your users originated from such as if they clicked a link from another website, they typed in your web address manually, or they came from an organic google search! There is so much information you can gather about your visitors and that is invaluable.

13. Increases search 76engine rankings

Google and other search engines like to show websites that are frequently updated and rank them highly, if you have a blog on your website then you will fly by your non-blog using competition and be higher ranked then them on search engines. This increases how many people might stumble onto your website and create higher volumes of traffic for you.


What other reasons might a business be better off with a blog? Let me know in the comments section below!



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